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You most probably already have all the words you need, even though you're here looking for a copywriter or an editor. They may be in your head, in long handwritten lists, scrawled mindmaps, or in scarily large business documents. But you have them. You just need someone to write them down in a way that really explains and sells your business, idea or product. That's where my services come in.

Writing and editing

I have experience in writing website content, interviews, letters, brochures, booklets, articles and reports and in editing books, magazines and reports.

Book editing is far more unforgiving to errors than websites and that is where I got my original editing and proofreading training. It has stood me in good stead.

Read this blog post on the difference between editing and proof reading if you're unsure which of them you need.

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Copywriting for the web

I specialise in writing for websites and keep up to date with the latest trends in information architecture, user experience and content strategy.

I can give you the most value for money if you call me at the very beginning of your website development or redevelopment process. Read my blog post on when to write your web content for some added insight as to how important it is to get your web copywriter involved early in your web development project.

I especially enjoy creating web content that is audience-friendly and business-goal focused. It's crucial to have an understanding of how people interact with computers and websites in order to write in a way that gives people the information they need quickly and gets them to take the appropriate action.

Search engine optimised content (SEO copywriting)

Well-written, people-friendly content is what will ultimately make your site popular and rank well with search engines. I won't overstuff your content with keywords, but I will ensure that your keywords and phrases appear in the right places.

I can work with you to create website content that people will want to bookmark and link to, ensuring that your site's popularity increases.

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Website content editing or updates

Need some updates done to your existing website content - formatting it, hyperlinking it or uploading images? I am experienced in HTML and CSS and can work directly in the coded pages or through your content management system (cms).

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Website content planning & web content audits

I can help you plan your website content as well as write it. If you're starting from scratch and are taking a new venture online, I can help you to plan the web content you'll need and advise you on how best to structure the information that you've already got.

If you're rebranding or redeveloping your site I can evaluate your current website content. I can carry out a general evaluation or a more thorough content audit and suggest content strategies to improve the user-friendliness of your website and the effectiveness of your content in supporting your business strategy.

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Web development content management

For web developers

As a web developer you might sometimes wish that you had someone who could deal with "everything that's not developing". Someone to work with you on evaluating the overall project requirements, including the site and menu structure, and the content requirements. Someone who can make sure that once the site is built it has the content it needs to be a success.

If you have a web project that you think might benefit from an extra pair of hands, to deal with things like content audits, content typing, content production schedules and content editing and optimisation, get in touch.

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Why use a freelance copywriter?

  • Writing expertise on demand
  • A fresh perspective on your product or service
  • Jargon-free writing that is easy to read
  • Writing that makes things happen

Why use this copywriter?

  • Ten years of writing and editing experience
  • A dedication to meeting deadlines
  • Knowledge of more than just writing, including publishing and print processes, website development, web usability and information architecture
  • Professional service
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