The links listed here won't just lead you to copywriting and communications related resources. They also include links to the websites of colleagues and friends whose work I admire. I hope that you might find them useful.

Communication/Copywriting Resources

  • Made to Stick - this book by the Heath brothers is a great asset to any copywriter

Website Design & Development

  • Silviu Runceanu - talented graphic designer, London, UK
  • XTmotion - Internet marketing and web development company, London, UK
  • Appetere - Website development and content management systems, Brighton, UK
  • Dasha Luna - WordPress website development, Brighton UK
  • Jin Designs - Brighton-based website developer and graphic designer

Seemingly random sites & services I'd recommend

In the UK

In South Africa




Why use a freelance copywriter?

  • Writing expertise on demand
  • A fresh perspective on your product or service
  • Jargon-free writing that is easy to read
  • Writing that makes things happen

Why use this copywriter?

  • Ten years of writing and editing experience
  • A dedication to meeting deadlines
  • Knowledge of more than just writing, including publishing and print processes, website development, web usability and information architecture
  • Professional service
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