About Core Copywriting

Core Copywriting is Brighton-based freelance copywriter, editor and word-lover, Helen Keevy.

Helen Keevy - freelance web copywriter and editor

I became a freelance copywriter in 2009. A trained journalist, my first digital content job was in 1999 as a 'webmaster' on an adventure sport website in Johannesburg. In the decade since then I've worked as an online content creator and editor, a book editor, a communications and web officer and a website development project manager.

Along the way I've earned a Master CIW Designer certification in web design, done training courses in copy editing, website accessability and advanced CSS, and taught myself HTML and various desktop publishing programs. I also read widely on content strategy, information architecture and website usability. And I do have a rather geeky love of grammar.

Why a copywriter?

Because I like variety and I love words. That is the short answer.

The longer answer involves my rather fierce dislike for badly-structured, unhelpful and confusing information. But I'll stop there.

Copywriting allows me to keep learning about new subjects: to write about something accurately I need to understand it. I might have no knowledge about the field at the start of a project, but by the time I start writing I make sure I know what's what.

And finally, the rapid evolution of communication technology and the media means that there is always something to adapt to.

I like the challenge.


Why use a freelance copywriter?

  • Writing expertise on demand
  • A fresh perspective on your product or service
  • Jargon-free writing that is easy to read
  • Writing that makes things happen

Why use this copywriter?

  • Ten years of writing and editing experience
  • A dedication to meeting deadlines
  • Knowledge of more than just writing, including publishing and print processes, website development, web usability and information architecture
  • Professional service
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